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Hardwood Floor Installers

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Have you started a redecorating project, only to find that you need hardwood floor installers? Does your current flooring look drab, scratched, and old? Then why not consider calling Thorner Flooring? We’re here to provide services you can count on every time.

At Thorner Flooring, we offer a wide range of hardwood flooring options. What’s more, our services include full-floor services that cover installation and more. In addition, our hardwood flooring installers are qualified craftsmen and use only the finest materials from the leading brands.

We offer the right flooring and services you need for your next redecorating project.

Hardwood Floor Installers

We Offer Amazing Floors

We offer a wide range of hardwood flooring that’s sure to fit every room in your home. No matter the style of your décor, whether your budget is generous or not, we can help you find wood floors for your unique, beautiful home.

Along with our huge range of hardwood floors, we offer personalised, friendly services. We’re ready to help you find the right flooring and then provide our full flooring services to ensure you have beautiful, new flooring every time. What’s more, we also have a flooring specialist who is ready to provide guidance and advice on the right flooring for your room. You’ll find it easy to find the exact flooring you’ve been looking for!

Our services are fast, flexible, and ensure a high-quality installation. That’s because we take pride in our work. We want you to be satisfied and happy with your new hardwood floors.

What’s more, we take care of everything for you. You can expect to just sit back and relax as we do all the hard work. We guarantee you a hassle-free experience when we install your brilliant flooring. What do we take care of? Everything! We move the furniture out before the installation begins. When we’re finished, we also take care of the cleanup. We’re serious when we say installation is easy, and we take care of everything! Our hardwood floor installers are ready to help with your next flooring project!

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    What Else Do We Offer? 

    In addition to selling hardwood flooring installation, we offer vinyl and carpeting to make your home even more beautiful. We have a wide range of flooring choices, which means we can definitely meet your flooring needs. At Thorner Flooring, we provide a full supply and fit service. That means you buy the flooring from us, and then we can take care of installation, too!

    And when you’re shopping for the right flooring, there’s no need to leave your home. We offer a mobile showroom, where you can see thousands of samples. So whether you’re looking for hardwood flooring, vinyl, or carpeting, you can shop through our mobile showroom. We’re sure you’ll find the right flooring for your home. If you’d like to book an appointment with our mobile showroom, just give us a call, and we’ll arrange it for you!

    You’re sure to be amazed at the famous brands of flooring we offer in our sticks & bricks store and our mobile showroom. We offer the following leading flooring brands to our customers:


    • Armstong
    • BMK
    • Mayfield
    • Penthouse
    • Westex
    • Brintons
    • And many more
    hardwood floor fitting

    We offer only the highest quality flooring from the top brands! What’s more, we have a broad range of colours and patterns to choose from, too! No matter your home’s décor, you will find just the right flooring to fit your home.

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    In our carpeting options, we offer a broad selection of stain-resistant wool carpets. You can find the following carpeting options with Thorner:

    • Saxony
    • Berber
    • Twist
    • Shag pile
    • Velvet

    And we can’t forget to mention our vinyl flooring, which also comes in a broad range of patterns and colours. Vinyl has proven to be durable and affordable; plus, it’s incredibly comfortable, easy to install and maintain.

    We’re serious when we say you can find a huge selection of flooring at Thorner Flooring. You’re sure to find the right type of flooring. And remember, we take care of everything before and after installation!

    Why Choose Our Hardwood Flooring Installers?

    When you choose our hardwood flooring installers, you get over 40 years of experience. Your hardwood flooring will be installed correctly. What’s more, we’ve been dealing with the installation of all types of flooring for years, including hardwood floors. That means we have the knowledge and experience needed to install your unique, new hardwood floors!

    There’s no need to worry about whether or not your new floor will be fitted correctly. That’s because we go the extra mile to ensure every angle, corner, and curve are fitted exactly. Your hardwood flooring will beautifully fit into the room.

    We even remove the old flooring before the installation begins. And we work carefully to ensure the sub-flooring is not damaged in any way. We also prepare the subfloor before the new hardwood floor is installed.

    Remember we said we take care of everything for your install? We mean it! Before the work begins, we remove all the furniture from the room. And you don’t have to do a thing. Our hardwood flooring installers make every effort to ensure your furniture and belongings are not damaged in any way.

    What’s more, if we find loose floorboards, we’ll also take care of those. That means no more squeaky, loose floorboards! We also fix joists, chipboard and repair screeds.

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    What About Quotes?

    You don’t have to worry there, either! We can easily beat the competition. Our flooring and services are affordable and reasonably priced. And our services are friendly and personalised every time. What’s more, you can even recognise our hardwood flooring installers. They’re the ones wearing a uniform and a smile!

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    We’re a Which? Trusted Trader


    As a Which? Trusted Trader, you can count on us to get the job done right every time. A Which? endorsement isn’t easy to earn, as they have a very strict evaluation process. As Which? Trader, our goal is to ensure that 100% of our customers are satisfied with our services and floor installation.

    And we’re happy to say that over 80% of our work comes from customer recommendations.

    If you’re looking for hardwood flooring installers with the experience needed for your next flooring project, then call us today! We’re looking forward to talking with you!