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Along with our comprehensive flooring installation services, we also take care of flooring repair Leeds. We take the time to carefully review problems with your flooring and then make recommendations on how to fix the issues. 

We take the time to see what’s going on with your floors. Then, whether you’re having new flooring installed or are having trouble with your current flooring, we’ll get it fixed for you! We can repair vinyl, carpet, laminated wood flooring

What’s more, we provide comprehensive flooring services. We tackle small, medium, and large flooring projects! And if the floor repairs are extensive and the floor should be replaced, we’ll discuss these options with you, too. 

At Thorner Flooring, we focus on offering high-quality services, quick installation at prices you can afford. 

Our Flooring Repair Services Leeds

Our floor repair services include the following: 


Fixing Loose & Squeaky Flooring

If you have wood floors, it’s more than likely you’ll have one or more loose floorboards over time. They can become loose when nails and screws holding them into the joists become loose. Also, you may notice your floor has become squeaky in spots, which is a sure sign there are loose floorboards involved. 

You may also notice the floor seems uneven in spots or that boards are not sitting flush with one another. 


Chipboard Repair

Chipboard is sometimes used as the subfloor. This material is commonly used for subfloors because it’s affordable and performs well. 

Chipboard, also referred to as low-density fibreboard or particleboard, combines wood particles with epoxy resin. The mix is then pressed together using high pressure and heat, resulting in a rigid board.

This material is easy to lay, safe to use, and is easy to cover. It can also act as insulation under flooring, so your home stays warmer in the winter. 

Chipboard subflooring needs to be repaired if it becomes wet, expands due to humidity, and more.


Fixing Joists

Floor joists are horizontal structures that bear the load of anything inside a room. Thus, floor joists support everything in a room, including the walls, furniture, people, and appliances. What’s more, floor joists distribute the load of your home’s structure. 

Floor joists may need to be repaired if they are damaged in some way. Signs that floor joists are causing a problem may include uneven floors. You may also notice the floor seems “bouncy.” Rotting floor joists may even cause a damp or musty smell in certain parts of your home. This is usually caused by water damage and rot. 

Another problem is that the foundation soil may cause floor joists to shift slightly. This can lead to cracks. Termites and other wood-eating insects may also attack joists. 

Floor joists support your floor and may need to be repaired if any of these problems are present. 


Repairing Screeds

Floor screeds are a floor base that may be mixed with cement and sand mixed with water. The mixture forms a solid, level subfloor on which final flooring can be installed. Screeds are also used in underfloor heating systems. 

Over time, screeds may crack due to the use of poor materials, the screed may have been too thin, the cement used wasn’t strong enough, or the sand wasn’t graded properly. These issues must be fixed before new flooring can be installed. 


Plane Doors

 After installation of new flooring, you may find that doors in the room are scraping or catching on the floor. This is because new flooring, such as carpet, maybe slightly taller than the older flooring. The result is the door scraping on the new floor covering. 

We can take care of this problem by planing the bottom of the door(s) to fit correctly. Then, we make sure the planed edge is finished smoothly so that it won’t cause damage to the new floor. 

In addition, we also remove all old floor coverings before installing new floors. And we also prepare the subfloor for new flooring installation. These services also include the removal of all waste from the repair and/or installation processes. 

Experienced Floor Repair Leeds

leeds floor repair

We offer a wide range of floor repairs and flooring installation services. In addition, we also offer a wide range of flooring to update your home and décor. No matter the type of flooring you need, we have the right choice for your home! We offer vinyl and wood flooring, along with a wide range of carpeting. Our vinyl and wood flooring also come in many colours and patterns. You’re sure to find one that’s the perfect choice for your home! 

If you’d prefer not to come to our showroom, that’s not a problem. We also offer a mobile showroom, which carries thousands of flooring samples to choose from. Just contact us to book a date and time that’s right for you, and our mobile showroom will come to your home. So you can choose the type of flooring you’d like right from your own home!

And when it comes to carpet and flooring installation, you can count on Thorner Flooring Services to provide you with expert advice, quality flooring, and expert fitters. Speaking of our fitters, they’re easy to spot! All of our professional fitters wear a company uniform and a broad smile!

Why Choose Thorner Flooring Services?

We bring over 40 years of experience providing floor repair and flooring installation services. We aim to provide you with high-quality services and flooring with a quick installation. So you won’t have to deal with lengthy disruptions when getting floor repairs or new flooring installed. We also clean up the mess when we’re done! And you won’t have to move any furniture. We take care of that before and after floor repairs and installations. 

We can also help if you’re not sure what repairs your floor may need. In addition, we can also offer specialist advice on flooring that’s the right solution for your home. We always provide a personalised, friendly service geared to providing you with the best services and products every time. 

Thorner Flooring Services is also a Which? Trusted Trader. What does that mean for you? First, you can rest assured that our services are always high-quality every time. Next, you can trust us to get the work done on time and expect your flooring repairs and new flooring to last for years to come. 

So, if you’d like us to help with floor repair Leeds or you’d like to buy new flooring, then contact us today! We’re looking forward to working with you! 

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Thorner is also a Which? Trusted trader floor fitting service. This means you can count on high-quality flooring and the best installation services around!

If you’d like to buy high-quality flooring for your home, backed by expert floor fitting Leeds, then you’ve come to the right place! Let us know if you’d like to visit our showroom or have our mobile showroom come to your home. Contact us today! We’re looking forward to working with you!