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How Much It Costs to Install Laminate Flooring

Are you considering the installation of laminate flooring in your home? Then you’ll want to know how much it costs to install! Without doing the research and calculations, you may be surprised at the cost in the end.

So, we’ve put together a short guide on the costs involved with installing laminate flooring. We’ll give you a hint—it costs more than just paying for the flooring! Let’s get started!


How Much Does It Cost to Install Laminate Flooring? 

We’ll start this guide to laminate flooring costs from the very beginning. Well, not from the very beginning! That would involve explaining where the materials come from and how laminate flooring is made. No, we won’t get into all that!

The average cost of installing laminate flooring depends on how large the job is and the type of laminate flooring you buy. If you’re installing laminate flooring in a small room, the cost may run between £500 to £1,500. A medium-sized room may cost about £1,000 to £2,500, while a large room can cost between £2,000 and £3,500. These are average prices.

Here’s a quick table of laminate flooring costs for rooms of different sizes.

Type of Laminate Flooring Average Cost Per Sq.m
Oak £15-£25
Walnut £17-£30
Hickory & chestnut £16-£35
Exotic wood £25-£50
Ceramic tile £10-£25
Stone tile £15-£35
Marble & granite £19-£55


Are There Additional Costs When Installing Laminate Flooring? 

Yes, there are definitely more costs that you need to consider when installing laminate flooring. We’ll cover those costs in this section.

Here’s another table with information about additional work and the costs involved when laminate flooring is installed:

Additional Work Average Cost
Trims installation £15-£25
Skirting installation £17-£30
Laminate floor underlay £16-£35
Exotic wood £25-£50
Underfloor heating installation £10-£25


Bear in mind that these are the average costs in our tables. That means the actual prices may be higher or lower for different reasons.


Tradesmen Costs for Laminate Floor Installation

What would it cost to hire a professional to install your laminate flooring? We’ve got you covered there, too! A laminate flooring fitter may cost between £140 and £180 a day.

In many cases, a small- or medium-sized room is usually finished in a day. However, it can take up to a week or longer for larger rooms. It all comes down to how complex the work is and the materials used on the job.

Some tradespersons may charge per metre squared rather than by the day. The average installation rate per metre squared is usually about £10-£12.

How Long Does It Take to Install Laminate Flooring?

As noted earlier, the time needed to install laminate flooring depends on the size and complexity of the space. The process is similar no matter what type of laminate flooring you choose.

For a small room, the job may be finished in a day. A medium-sized room may take between 1-3 days to complete, while a larger room or space may take between 2-7 days to finish the installation.


The Costs of Different Types of Laminate Flooring

Next, we’ll take a look at choosing the laminate flooring you want to install and its cost. Different types of laminate flooring cost more than others.


Hickory & Chestnut Laminate Flooring

Hickory & chestnut are two very popular types of laminate flooring. They’ve been designed to look like the real wood they represent but are much less expensive and have an easy-to-install design.

The prices of hickory & chestnut laminate flooring are usually about the same. Each type of laminate flooring may cost between £16-£35 per sq.m.


Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak laminate flooring is extremely popular in the UK. The price of real oak is very high; however, laminate flooring puts even oak floors within almost easy reach of everyone’s budget. Because of the huge savings, oak laminate flooring is extremely popular.

In addition, oak laminate flooring looks just as good as true oak flooring! This type of laminate flooring usually costs between £15-£25 per sq.m.


Walnut Laminate Flooring

Walnut is another very popular choice of laminate flooring in the UK. Prices of walnut flooring are pretty expensive.

However, walnut laminate flooring is just as beautiful and offers an elegant, timeless look without the high cost of true walnut flooring. It’s usually priced between £17-£30 per sq.m, depending on the brand and supplier.


Exotic Wood Laminate Flooring

Exotic wood flooring is also popular. This wood creates extremely beautiful floors; however, the price is just as extreme.

On the other hand, exotic wood laminate flooring is much cheaper. While it’s still more expensive than other types of laminate flooring, it’s still cheaper than exotic hardwood flooring. You can expect to pay between £25-£50 per sq.m.


What’s the Process for Installing Laminate Flooring? 

Now you know the costs involved with installing laminate flooring, it’s time to consider what’s involved with installing a laminate floor! What’s more, there may be some additional costs to consider, which we cover in this section.

While it is possible to install the flooring on your own, it’s recommended that you hire a professional fitter to install laminate flooring in a room or space that’s complex. This could be a room with an odd shape, lots of small nooks and crannies, and more. In that case, a professional can do a better job.

So, what do you look for in a professional fitter? First, most professional fitters expect the room to be completely emptied of furniture and anything else that sits on the floor. Once the fitter starts on the project, they’ll first work to pull up the old floor and haul it away. You may also need to pay for the removal and disposal of the old floor.

In that case, you may want to consider pulling the floor up yourself and disposing of it before the fitter comes. That can save quite a bit of money. And when the fitter comes, they can get started right away!

Next, the professional fitter examines the subfloor to make sure it’s in good shape. If so, then they will install the underlay. Next, they fit the laminate flooring and finish off trim, and more.

Some professional fitters may charge extra for fittings such the underlay, scotia, and door bars. If your fitter charges extra for these, then you may want to buy them beforehand and save some money.


Summing It Up

So, there you have it! These are the average costs involved with installing a laminate floor. Laminate floors are a great choice if hardwood flooring is beyond your budget. You can still have the look of hardwood but at a fraction of the cost. And you can save money by doing some of the installation work yourself!

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