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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Carpet Fitting

Does your carpet seem to be wearing out in places? Has the colour of your carpeting faded over time? Then it may be time to invest in new carpeting for your home.

If you’ve never dealt with replacing old carpet, then you may not be sure where to start. You may also have a lot of questions related to carpeting fitting, the best types of carpet, and more.

We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about carpet fitting that we hear often. Let’s get started!

1). What is the Most Popular Type & Colour of Carpeting?

That’s a tough question, but it’s one that we do hear on a regular basis. The answer isn’t straightforward, but we can tell you there’s a wide range of carpeting to choose from. It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with the myriad carpets that are available these days!

Each type of carpeting is an excellent choice; however, each one is made for specific requirements. For instance, one of the most popular carpet materials is Nylon. This is one of the best choices for households that require stain-resistant, durable carpeting. Wool is another great choice. It’s a higher-quality material that’s very wear-resistant, and it doesn’t tear easily. What’s more, wool is an eco-friendly, sustainable carpeting option.

Just as there are many different types of materials used for carpets, there are also many different styles of carpeting to consider. Two of the most popular choices are Cut Pile or Loop Pile. Within these styles of carpeting, you’ll find Multi-level Loop, Plush/Frieze, and Berber. Berber carpeting is a very popular choice, especially for homes that have high traffic areas.

When it comes to colours, neutrals and earth tones are extremely popular. These colours can go with all different styles of furniture, décor, and paint. Plus, they rarely go out of style. Earth tones and neutrals can be used in any home.

2). What Carpet Texture/Fibre Options are Available?

Here, again, you’ll find a wide range of textures and materials available. Any of them would make a beautiful addition to your home. Cut Pile and Loop Pile are the two main types of carpet texture available. They determine the way carpet fibres are attached to the backing. Level Loop Berber is a popular style option for carpeting; however, there are many other fibres and textures available on the market today.

Another popular texture is Plush carpeting. This type of carpet offers a smooth, even texture that’s perfect for a formal room. On the other hand, Shag or Frieze carpeting has longer fibres, which provide a lot of texture. These are not very good choices for high-traffic areas; however, they might be an excellent choice for the bedroom.

Saxony carpet has a very smooth finish. In this type of carpeting, the fibres are long and twisted. They have a lot of body. One of the downsides of this carpet style is that it’s easy to leave footprints or furniture marks behind.

If you’re looking for a carpet for the basement floor, then you may want to consider Olefin. This carpeting is moisture- and mold-resistant. However, it’s not as comfortable as Nylon carpeting.

And if you’d prefer an alternative to wool carpeting, then Acrylic may be a good choice for you. Acrylic is less expensive, though it can be difficult to find.

3). How Can You Tell the Quality of a Carpet? What is a Good Quality Carpet Made Of?

Bear in mind there are no standard scales that can be used to judge the quality of a carpet. However, there are some things to look for. For instance, the weight and density of a carpet can tell you the quality of the material.

For example, the weight of a carpet indicates how many fibres it has. A higher fibre count means the carpet is of a higher quality. A dense carpet is usually of high quality, which can be seen when you feel the carpet.

In addition, the backing of a poor carpet is not very dense. Then you know the carpet is of a lower quality.

4). What Type of Carpet is the Easiest to Clean?

Nylon is the easiest carpet material to clean, and it’s more durable. The fibres in a Nylon carpet are very strong, and they can stand up to stains, abrasion, and even steam cleaning. This type of carpeting also has a pleasant texture and manages to keep its original appearance longer than other types of carpeting.

5). What Kind of Carpet Lasts the Longest?

When it comes to the longest-lasting carpet, you should consider Frieze/Shag or Berber. These carpets are made with durable materials. In fact, the carpeting can last between five and ten years, or even as long as 25 years with proper care.

This may be the last carpet you buy if it’s taken care of properly and cleaned on a regular basis.

6). Can a Carpet Make a Room Look Bigger?

Yes! Specific colours and carpet styles can definitely help a space look larger. For instance, Berber carpeting is a beautiful choice for a smaller room. The Berber carpet tends to blend in with the walls and furnishings, which creates a seamless look. This then works to open the space and make it feel larger and airier.

What’s more, using the same style and type of carpet all through your home can make it feel bigger. Some colours can also make the space seem larger than it really is. Lighter colours tend to reflect light rather than absorbing it (like dark colours). The reflected light works to make the room appear larger.

Using the same colour carpet and paint on the walls also work together to make a space appear bigger. Choosing colours such as grey, beige, or even a sandstone colour are beneficial colours when it comes to making a room look and feel larger.

7). How Much Will a Carpet Fitter Charge?

Carpet fitting costs vary, depending on several factors. Depending on the style and type of carpet, the size of the room, and other costs that may be involved, carpet fitting may cost anywhere from £13  per square metre to £50 for high-quality carpets. If you’d like an average, then we find that carpet fitting usually runs about £28 per square metre.

If you have more questions about carpets or would like to learn more about our services, then contact us today! We’re ready to answer your questions about carpets, carpet fitting, and more. We’ll also be happy to book a reservation for our mobile showroom!

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