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Tips for Choosing the Best Carpet for Children’s Bedroom

As a parent, you want the best of everything for your children, including the carpet for your child’s room. Carpet is an excellent choice for a children’s bedroom. It looks nice and creates a soft, warm play area. Kids love to play on the floor, so what could be better than carpet in their bedroom?

But there’s a problem—how do you choose the best carpet for children’s bedrooms? As you shop for carpets, you’ll find there are many different types of carpeting in many styles, fibres, and more. So, how can you find the right carpet for your child’s room?

We’ve put some tips together on what to look for when choosing carpet for your child’s bedroom.


1. Determine the Size of the Room

The very first step in choosing carpet is to determine the size of your child’s room. Measure the dimensions of their room and write this information down.

With the dimensions recorded, you’re now ready to shop for the right carpet for your children’s room. We usually recommend buying the highest quality carpet you can afford. The reason is that higher quality carpets are more durable, are easier to clean, and usually stain-resistant. These qualities are essential in carpets for kids’ rooms.


2. The Colour & Pattern of the Children’s Room

The next consideration for choosing a carpet is the colours and patterns used in your child’s room. Patterns may be found on the bedding, wallpaper, and more. Wall-to-wall carpet in a solid colour can bring the entire room together. Area rugs can be used to create “islands” for different areas, such as a book nook, a Lego area, and more.


3. What Material is Best for a Children’s Bedroom?

Once you’ve determined the carpet of the colour, you can de your child’s room beautiful and clean. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the carpet material:

Use natural carpet materials such as cotton or wool; these are more sustainable and have been shown to reduce allergies in children’s rooms. However, keep in mind that some kids are allergic to wool, so this may not always be the right choice of carpet material.

Choose synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester; they are made from plastic, so keeping them clean is easy. However, carpets made of these materials can shed particles into the room, which could aggravate your children’s allergies.

Consider carpet tiles; these are easy to install and replace if one of them becomes damaged or stained. The tiles make it easier to keep your child’s room clean, even if one tile needs to be replaced.

Rubber-backed carpets are another option to consider; these carpets are treated with antimicrobial agents to help them resist mould, mildew, and other pathogens. This carpeting is easy to clean, just use a little soap and water, that’s it!

Most experts recommend avoiding these carpets for children:

  • Berber (or other looped carpets): these can snag and cause the carpet to unravel. They also pose safety issues, as looped carpets can cause kids to rip and fall.
  • Saxony (velvet and plush) carpets: these are definitely elegant and expensive, but they are not the best carpets for a kid’s rooms.


4. Choose a Style That Matches the Age of Your Children

This tip is about choosing carpet based on your child’s age. Are they a toddler? If so, you may want to consider a carpet style that fits their preferences. That way, the room will be more inviting for them.

What about the themes in your children’s bedroom? So they have a favourite superhero? Do they love flowers and pastel colours? What does your child enjoy the most? Do they have a favourite animal? You can use these preferences to find the right carpeting for your child’s room.

If you’re having trouble choosing a carpet that suits your child’s preferences, contact the staff at your local flooring store. They can offer some guidance and suggest what may work best for your child’s room.


5. Durability & Stain-Resistance

As you search for the right carpet for your children’s bedroom, it’s best also to choose carpeting that’s both durable and stain-resistant. Kids have accidents of all kinds, from falling, spilling, getting sick, and more the carpet may go through quite a lot!

You may want to consider carpets made from olefin or nylon. These are both resistant to spills, stains, tears, and more. These materials are made from polyester fibres, which are extremely durable.

It may be tempting to buy the cheapest carpeting for your kid’s room. It’s true that cheap carpets don’t cost as much to replace. But what happens if you need to replace the carpeting several times? By that time, the costs add up to replace the carpet. They add up to what a durable, higher-quality carpet would have originally cost. In addition, cheaper carpets may be made with lower-quality materials that could cause or aggravate children’s allergies.


6. Get Samples

As you search for carpet for your children’s room, it’s also a good idea to get carpet samples. When you find carpets that may be a good choice, bring samples home. Check the colour, fibres, and other features to see if the carpet is the right choice or not.

This is one of the best ways to ensure you buy the right carpet and that it fits in with your child’s preferences.


7. Ask About Warranties

Before purchasing a new carpet, ask about the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the store. They usually offer warranties that cover the cost of repair and replacement. The warranty is especially valuable when buying carpets for children’s bedrooms. Remember that kids will have accidents of all kinds that can damage carpeting. Being able to replace or repair the carpet with a warranty is usually cheaper than replacing the carpet at your own expense.


Summing It Up

It can be a challenge to choose the right carpet for children’s rooms. The right carpet is one that will stay clean and comfortable for your kids. The carpet should also fit your children’s preferences, be durable, and come with a warranty that offers to repair or replace the carpet when it becomes damaged.

If you have trouble finding the right carpeting for your children’s bedroom, don’t hesitate to contact us or speak to one of our carpet experts in the store. We’re here to help you find the best carpet for your child’s room!

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