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The Top Flooring Trends of 2022

Flooring is an essential part of your home and it’s important to choose the right material to suit your décor, the function of the space, and the style you’ve chosen. Thankfully, there’s a broad range of options when it comes to modern flooring. You have many categories and variations to choose from! However, all of these can make it challenging to choose the right flooring for your home.

We’ve put together some of the top trends and types of flooring for 2022! Let’s get started! Our goal is to make it a little easier for you to choose beautiful flooring for your home.


1. Oiled Finishes

One of the top trends for 2022 is oiled flooring. Oiled flooring provides a more natural look to the space, while adding a protective layer to the wood to keep it looking beautiful for years. Oiled finishes penetrate deeply into wood fibres to harden them without changing the natural look of the wood. Without a visual film on the surface, oiled floors develop a lovely patina. They’re also easy to care for and repair.

Flooring experts believe this trend is driven by an increasing number of homeowners preferring imperfect, natural materials rather than synthetic flooring. They see these floorings as more sustainable and kinder to the environment. Plus, oiled finishes are beautiful and improve with time.


2. Ultra-Matte Finishes

Next on our list is ultra-matte finishes. More homeowners are interested in flooring that’s natural and has a low sheen coating. Ultra-matte floors look and feel more natural and they’re gorgeous.

What’s more, ultra-matte finished flooring is more durable. And when you have hardwood floors, you want to ensure they last a long time. These finishes are the right choice for high traffic areas and when you have kids and pets.

High gloss surfaces can quickly show scratches and wear faster and they need to be redone more often. However, floors with ultra-matte finishes don’t show scratches and scuffs as easily. And if small scratches and dents, they’re difficult to see and may be considered small imperfections in the wood.


3. Brown Tones

Mid- to dark-brown wood floors are also a growing flooring trend in 2022. Dark brown wood floors are seen as more cosy and nostalgic. It’s more comforting and adds visual warmth to a space. And it’s always in style.

In addition, mid- and dark-brown wood floors are modern and can even add more formality to a space, depending on the style and décor. Mahogany and cherry wood floors are very popular for these reasons.


4. Oversized Planks

Oversized plank flooring is next on our list of flooring trends for 2022. The reason homeowners are going with oversized planks is that the planks are wider and longer. These tend to make a room look larger, more open, and less busy.

In addition, oversized plank floors also create fewer seams, resulting in a cleaner, more cohesive look for the space.


5. Nature-Inspired Motifs

Nature-inspired floor tiles are also very popular this year. The tiles are used to create patterns that create floral designs and other shapes. These work to soften and “ground” the design. When ocean- and sea-coloured tiles are used in blues and greens, these bring your mind directly to water and nature, which are themes that can be used in any space in your home.

Bringing nature and natural elements into your home creates a soothing environment that relaxes and restores. What better way to relax after coming home from a hard day at work or school? Relaxing with nature-inspired motifs on the floor and other natural décor elements can restore both mind and body.


6. White Oak

White oak flooring is next on our list of 2022 top flooring trends! Everyone’s searching for ways to make their homes more beautiful on a budget, and white oak is the perfect choice when it comes to wood floors.

White oak is easy to source and is a sustainable choice. Plus, it’s very stylish and beautiful. White oak flooring has plenty of personality and offers a cleaner grain than hardwood flooring. It also creates a different variation and adds a modern aesthetic to a space.


7. Carpet Tiles

Patterned carpets were once very popular; however, over time, they faded from existence and were seen as the realm of fancy hotels and restaurants. However, these days, carpet tiles are becoming more popular and leading the way in creating beautiful patterned floors that are entirely modern and attractive.

It’s easy to create almost any design you’d prefer with carpet tiles. They come in a broad range of colours and styles. You may want to create an abstract piece of art with the tiles on your floor! It’s even possible to create stripes, interlocking patterns, and so much more!


8. Patterns

Patterned floors are also trending in 2022! These add visual interest to high-traffic areas, such as entryways and hallways. However, they’re also increasingly being used in living rooms and dining areas. It’s possible to have wood floors in a chevron pattern, a diamond pattern, and more.

In addition, you can let your imagination run wild by using a mix of flooring materials, such as tiles mixed with carpet tiles and more. Nothing is out these days. You can design almost anything with today’s floorings.


9. Neutrals

Another popular flooring trend in 2022 is the use of neutrals. This is a great look for anyone who wants to have a more minimalistic look or even a classic look. Not only that, but neutrals create a sense of calm and relaxation in any space.

In addition, neutral floorings also go with everything, which means you can use them longer. That’s also more sustainable! Neutrals can be found in carpeting, wood floors, vinyl flooring, and more.


Summing It Up

So, there you have it. These are the top flooring trends for 2022! We hope this article has given you some great ideas for your own home. There are many types of flooring to choose from; however, using one of the trends in this article is a great way to ensure your home is up to date and is a beautiful place for you, your family, and your friends!

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