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Flooring Trends for 2022

Flooring trends usually are slower to change than other design trends in décor. One reason is that floors are not as easy to change. The floor is a space that usually lasts for years; however, they do have a huge impact on the room.

Is it time to redecorate your home and put in new flooring? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got inside information on the trends for this year!


Current Floor Trends

Some trends from the previous year are still with us. For instance, geometric shapes are still trending in carpeting and hard flooring. Bold designs, vibrant patterns, and colours are also on-trend from last year.

When it comes to soft flooring, natural and calming are also still popular. Rather than the vibrant colours and designs, calm flooring is more about subdued patterns and soft colours.

The good news is that flooring technology continues to improve and create amazing designs. The technology has the ability to imitate natural materials, including marble and wood. These are so realistic some people have a challenge telling the difference!

So, what’s trending for floors in 2022?


2022 Floor Trends


Herringbone & Chevron Patterns

One trend that is continuing is patterned luxury vinyl flooring laid out in a herringbone or chevron pattern. Today’s technology can create the look of real hardwood floors. You almost can’t tell the difference between real hardwood floors and luxury vinyl flooring.

Hardwood flooring can also be used to create these beautiful designs. A herringbone or chevron design creates a unique look for a space. The patterns can make a room look stylish without the use of wood or other materials. The room takes on a look of yesteryear in the modern age, with plenty of style and beauty.

Mixing Plain & Patterned Flooring

Another trend flooring trend for 2022 is mixing plain and patterned flooring. The effect is something like a patchwork that can be customised for each client. This trend is coming from designers who take a more sustainable approach to interior décor. Designers look to see if a floor can be patched and repaired rather than installing new flooring.

In addition, when two different floors come together, designers are choosing to keep the older floor (if possible) and add new flooring that is deliberately different. The effect can be quite stunning or even create the idea of more space in a smaller home.


Soft Stripes in Neutral Shades

Next on our list of trends in flooring for 2022, we have soft stripes in neutral shades. Neutrals are part of the soft flooring trend from last year. It’s become popular as people spend more time at home. They want to feel comfortable and secure in their homes.

For 2022, soft stripes in neutral colours add a little pzazz to a space without overwhelming it. The trend can be accomplished with carpeting or even vinyl flooring. However, if you want a soft, warm feeling, then we recommend using carpet (if that’s appropriate for the space).

Carpeting is breathable, soft, and warm. It’s also great at absorbing sound. In addition, carpets can be used in many areas throughout a home. Even so, we see it most often used in bedrooms, living areas, and other spaces where people enjoy feeling cosy and comfortable.


Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are a rising flooring trend in 2022. Light-coloured neutral flooring can be accomplished with luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl flooring is versatile and durable, maintaining its beauty for years. Colours such as light grey and ash are the most popular for vinyl flooring in neutral colours.

In addition, vinyl can also mimic the look of neutral or light-coloured wood flooring, creating the look of real wood at a fraction of the price.

Hardwood Flooring Continues to be Popular in 2022

Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice for many homeowners in 2022. Nothing offers a more timeless, bespoke statement than hardwood flooring. What’s more, wood flooring is also the right choice for anyone looking to create a continuous flow all through their home.

Wood flooring also makes it easy to choose a rustic, outdoors look or a regal, elegant space. No matter what you’d like to accomplish, hardwood flooring can either take a classic or modern look. In addition, this year, the trend is for lighter tones.

Blonde wood flooring is a major trend that’s been inspired by Scandinavian design. Light flooring can brighten up a space and look modern or rustic. The look can even be paired with darker walls and furniture if desired. However, blonde wood flooring can also be used with lighter and/or more vibrant colours for a modern look.


Patterned Vinyl

Another trend capturing the creativity of homeowners is patterned vinyl flooring. Because vinyl flooring comes in so many patterns and colours, it’s easier to create a customised pattern for a room. For example, creating a Victorian or Cottage floor pattern has become popular.

Almost anything is possible with vinyl flooring. That’s because modern production methods make flooring that’s durable, affordable, and available in a wide range of patterns and colours. It’s easy to create bold patterns on just about any floor in the home.


Chequerboard Pattern

This trend may be a little surprising, but Chequerboard flooring is back in again! The pattern can be created with tiled flooring, such as luxury vinyl squares. The floor instantly goes from boring to amazing with the installation of a Chequerboard pattern.

It’s possible to combine plain tiles with patterned tiles to create a bespoke look for a room. If you want a more eclectic style, then why not use plain coloured tiles combined into a Dovetail design?

Luxury vinyl flooring makes it easy to achieve these and so many other designs or looks!


Summing It Up

These are only a few of the wonderful flooring trends for 2022! As you can see, there are many new styles, colour combinations, and patterns to consider. Any of these beautiful flooring trends can be accomplished with carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood, and laminate flooring.

If you are looking to get a new floor, be sure to get in contact with us. Our friendly team are always happy to help!

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